Seed Basket Penny Rug Kit




The “Seed Basket Penny Rug” is a 13” x 15” hooked mat with attached bias wool band, wool appliqué ‘“Tongues” with “Pennies & Coins” and black woolbacking.  Perfect for chair pad or tabletop. Hooking instructions for novelty techniques in color “Instruction Brochure”.  

Hand-drawn 13” x 15” original design on Scottish Linen for hooking,  20 hand-dyed wool swatches and as-is textured swatches for motifs, each identified to match directions (not pre-cut strips); hand-dyed wool for hooked background; textured black wool for “tongues” and  backing fabric; hand-dyed wool for colorful “coins” to appliqué  to tongues; bias-cut & pre-sewn orange plaid wool for banding; “tongues” and “coins” templates; Medici Wool Tapestry Floss for ‘buttonhole-stitch’ appliqué; Instruction Brochure of step-by-step hooking and finishing instructions with illustrations and 7 close-up color photos; description of hooking techniques for ‘2-Color Beading’, ‘Waldoboro sculpting’, and ‘end-to-end Tunneling’.  #7-cut strips recommended.

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22" x 24"